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Signed limited edition 29,5 x 42 cm C-print, with a lustre surface.
Each print includes a Certificate of Authenticity with the Edition number, image name and year taken.

Price: 400,00 €

Every works, sculptures, photos drawings, objects are available.
To order: put the name of work in the form at the bottom of the page.

Alexandra Fly Project with work from Rodney McMillian at Art Basel 2014

Alexandra Fly Project at Fiac Paris2013

Alexandra Fly Project in Tate Modern London 2009

Alexandra Fly Project with work from Michael Angelo Pistoletto at Art Basel 2010

Art Vagina 1 - colorful canvas object 8x5cm

Art Vagina 2 - colorful canvas object 15x10cm, print 29,5x42cm

Print 1

Print 2

Print 3